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Frequently Asked Questions


These are the questions we are asked. If you have others, write to us WITHOUT ANY COMMITMENT, we will answer you as soon as possible. A question is never trivial; it just looks for an answer. We are here to give it to you.

01  I am a small SME; what do I need an Advisor for?

All companies need to have an Adviser. It would help if you had an Adviser precisely because you are a small SME, and you cannot afford to make bad choices and wrong investments. TDHI STRATEGIC can be the consultant of the CEO. You will be less alone and ready to answer all the customers' questions, but even before your Sales Director. Not in the company? We give it to you for free 

02  Does the TDHI STRATEGIC cost a lot?  

NO. We have studied it for 3 long years to make it possible and accessible. Write to us indicating your website and sending us a small presentation of your company. We will evaluate if we can assist your company, and we will prepare a tailor-made proposal for you. It costs nothing but 5 minutes of your time and an email.

03  I am too small or too big as a company for the TDHI STRATEGIC?

This service is designed for companies ranging from startups to 15 million euros in turnover. If you have a higher turnover write us anyway because the TDHI can manage projects of 10000 euros or 1 billion with the same professionalism. Do not you believe it? Go to our channel news

04  But you really do finance the development of SMEs?

We are the only consulting company in the world that can afford to do this. We evaluate the company and its needs free of charge. Then we analyze the prospects, and if the company or the product are interesting for us, the TDHI Group allows us to make proposals by deferring the budget necessary to carry out all the activities that we will agree on from 6 months to 5 years. Thus, the company we assist has a small fixed monthly cost, and the rest will be some success fees linked to the results that we will bring you. If you are a startup or have created a new product, write to us: we have a free service that is very useful for you.

05 Your service is tailor-made?

TDHI GROUP is a consulting boutique; everything is made to measure as for a tailored garment.

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