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Planning strategies for an SME is never easy for many reasons. Planning an accepted strategy, having it, is even more difficult if you don't have the right expert. The right expert is difficult to choose and often costs a lot. We have teams that think for you and a contact person who talks to you. We make difficult things easy, and we study the strategies for you, leaving you free to manage your company. We THINK and STUDY strategies; you dedicate yourself to your products.

An example:

Having analyzed the company situation and assessed its characteristics and strategies, we prepare a study of ad hoc strategies for your company. Strategies:

1. feasible,
2. convenient,
3. useful,
4. who solve today by setting tomorrow,
5. Include all documentation necessary to support them or communicate them to the market or your customers and partners.


You receive BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, thanks to our work.

Memorandum of Understanding and

Very often, SMEs do not have the opportunity to make agreements with their customers or suppliers because they are too busy with the company's daily management. The PMI sees a protocol as a useless and costly arrangement. In reality, SMEs think this only because they do not know how useful they are and because they consider them unnecessary to SELL. It is exactly the opposite. They help to sell and sell BETTER. A Partnership always helps to SELL.


An example:

We analyze the relationship with your most important customers and suppliers, and we prepare Memoranda of Understanding or Quality that will not only improve your relationships but will allow you to produce better and sell more. A Quality Protocol will allow your customer to order more and you to sell better. A Memorandum of Understanding will help you consolidate relationships with your best customers and set them up better with new ones.



Not just paper: but COMPANY DEVELOPMENT for your company.


Pre and post-Trade Fair strategies

Commercial negotiations

Contracts, Catalogs, a Price List, a business letter, setting up a new strategic relationship with a new potential foreign customer, managing and organizing a meeting, and how to relate are very difficult for a company, even more, difficult for an SME. Lack of staff, lack of adequate financial resources, and lack of international contacts often lead the company to STOP or WRONG.


An example:

Doing trade fairs or conventions and then not knowing how to communicate are the greatest SMEs' limits. When needed, we intervene on your behalf or write you the email or letter, the document you need or analyze the Contract sent by a potential customer. Communicating better and communicating in the language of your interlocutor increases the chances of SELLING by 60%. We know how to communicate, but we know how to do it right by knowing the emotional and cultural aspects and their language.



Thanks to our work your company can communicate with clients or potential clients when you need it in their language; YOU WILL SELL more.

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